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International Association “For Sovereignty” Manifest

The association "For Sovereignty" is an international social and political movement aimed at strengthening national identity in the social, economic, political, cultural and information domains.

Realizing that globalization is an objective process, we believe that there are certain forces that are trying to benefit from it at other countries and peoples’ cost by imposing their own rules concerning international relations. It is obvious that the same forces pursue the policy of double standards that undermine the existing standards of international law and replace them with a substitute of private interests and political rhetoric.

To counter these negative trends, it is necessary to coordinate all efforts and arrange the cooperation at regional and international levels that will allow protecting adequately the sovereign interests of national governments while maintaining the existing trust in relationships at the global level.

Our convictions are beyond the standard templates of the left-right or democrat spectrum although our members can include both Left and Right who are willing to join their efforts on a platform of recovering the lost national sovereignty.

All nations without exception suffer the loss of sovereignty. Many countries in Europe have had to sacrifice their national interests to the benefit of NATO and the EU while enormous economic and diplomatic pressure was applied to other regions to capture their domestic markets and get access to natural resources. In other cases, antinational governments were brought to power.

We believe that when providing any political transformations, it is highly important to scrutinize thoroughly its objectives and means. Cultural traditions, religious beliefs and social norms in all their diversity are an integral part of the world heritage and require strong protection. The people must decide for themselves what legal format they accept and how far a country is supposed to be integrated into the world economy.

From a geopolitical point of view, it would be better to have the Multipolar World rather than to be under the dictate of a single centre, but it requires developing the mechanism of international cooperation that is acceptable for all - from the free movement of people and goods to the cooperation in the security field.

Neoliberalism that destructs nations’ values and threatens the very existence of the statehood foundations must be overcome. It is possible only on the basis of re-acquisition of sovereignty in the context of the current political agenda.

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